Myths About The Body

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We have all heard about various myths to do with our bodies, and I would love to hear some of yours, but there is no truth to most of them such as:

– eating more carrots make you see better

– if you cross your eyes or pull a funny face your eyes / face will stay like that

– cutting your hair makes it grow faster

– the consequences of poor oral health are restricted to the mouth (oral health is actually closely linked to systemic health)

– losing baby teeth to tooth decay is okay (no- this can cause decay in erupting permanent teeth, and if lost early, permanent teeth can erupt in the wrong place, requiring orthodontics)

– Osteoporosis only affects the spine and hips (no – it can also affect eg. the jaw bone)

– More sugar means more tooth decay (it’s the amount of time that sugar is in contact with the tooth that causes decay)

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  1. Osteoporosis could effect any and each bone cells the human body has!

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