Knowing the Health Benefits of Chocolate

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Do you need a swift patch up? Do you want anything to get you to feel all warm within? Have a piece of chocolate. Chocolate can cause you to feel good and outdo anything else with regards in providing you a natural high. So, why is it that chocolate make one feel delightful? Apart from its distinctive aroma and addicting flavor of the chocolates, it also emits serotonin that is responsible for that euphoric sensation. In spite of this, is chocolate beneficial for you? More than a few researchers have revealed that chocolate has over three hundred stuffs that can give a lot of health benefits. Consumption of chocolates are also been found to lower down bad cholesterol and be a factor to a longer life.

Chocolate gives you the feeling of delightfulness not only because of the sugar rush that it provides you but also because of several useful rudiments in this piece food. Chocolate are naturally made from cacao tree seeds of Theobroma, which is a Greek term which means “food of the gods.” It was also considered as a light aphrodisiac. The chemical tryptophan found in chocolates is the one which are accountable from giving you the feelings of elation. Additionally,  it also contain phenyllethylamine, which is believe to be the chocolate amphetamine since it can actually sets anyone in a frolicsome mood when taken in sizeable doses. Also, it can kindle endorphins which give you that warm glow within it feels exactly like you just had a good run.

How does it work? As stated, chocolates bring on various chemical reactions in the brain that enable you to have that calming, pleasant and playful feeling all over.  Some studies have found that the dissolving sensation of the chocolate inside your mouth raise heat rate and activities in the brain. It’s been alleged that this feeling is powerful than the passionate kissing and the feeling endure four times longer.

Lower Cholesterol, Natural Appetite Suppressant, & More

So, is chocolate really good for anyone? Fair enough, it is. Chocolate provides health benefits that ingesting them has now been linked to long life. It was discovered that most of the supercentenarians, people who had lived past one hundred years of age loves to eat a lot of chocolates in the expanse of their existence. Oleic acid, which can be found in cocoa butter of chocolates, can increase good cholesterol levels whereas the chemical known as flavonoids in chocolate prevents blood clotting.

These contribute to the total endorsement of good health particularly for the heart. Other health gains obtained from eating chocolates are:

·       Raises antioxidant levels in the blood.
·       Intake of hot chocolate prior to eating a meal can lessen your appetite.
·       It can  decelerate the deterioration in brain function
·       Relieves sore throat
·       Avert fits of coughing.
·       Recent studies reveal that chocolate may perhaps prevent cancer.

Lastly, the chemical upsurge of chocolates does not only provide you a definite feeling of “high” but also it is a means to promote over-all good health.


  1. Never understood milk chocolate and its lovers. Dark 70-85% chocolate – is the King !

  2. Dark bitter chocolate work for me even much better than the coffee. It adds a great mood to my brain 🙂

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