Is Baby-Led Weaning Beneficial For Your Child?

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What is baby-led weaning?
It is simply cutting the baby’s food into small pieces that he can manage then placing the food on his tray so he can feed himself.

What are its benefits?
As your baby starts eating on his own, he learns to make choices about what to eat. You should try to make your baby eat with the rest of the family because research shows that babies form better eating habits when they eat with their families in an early stage.

Are there any downsides?
Since your baby is in control, expect a MESS and that’s okay because the benefits are far more rewarding. Your baby will also have a hard time to get food into his mouth before his ninth month which could make meal time longer.

Please take care that if you’ll serve your baby the same food as the rest of family that babies shouldn’t eat food with added sugar or salt. Be ready if your baby needs any help at anytime. What do you need to know?

  • Put the baby’s food pieces in a deep bowl to create less mess.
  • Your baby won’t need more than two food options in front of him.
  • Cut the food in small chip shapes so it would be easy for your baby to grab.
  • Don’t put the food in your baby’s mouth and let them try by themselves.
  • Don’t feed him any food that might have a choking risk.

BEST FIRST FOODS Banana: cut it into halves to make it easier for your baby to hold. A piece of soft, cooked carrot: naturally sweet and full of vitamin A to strengthen your little one’s immune system.

Steamed broccoli floret: most babies love the taste of broccoli and its stem provides a built-in ‘handle’ to grab on.


  1. I am to start weaning my little girl tomorrow and hope this will work well with her and that she won’t be a picky eater like our first born son.

  2. As a nanny I have weaned lots of babies and have yet to end up with a fussy eater, its what you feed your child during weaning that counts, and lots of finger foods.

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