How Often Do You Clean Your Hair and Makeup Brushes?

All sorts of bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, dirt and debris, and old makeup in the case of the makeup brushes, collect in them, affecting your scalp and your face.

Makeup brushes are best when they are soft, as they don’t aggravate the skin, and the cleaner they are, the healthier your skin will be. If you suffer from acne, your skin will really thank you!

Hair brushes should be cleaned about once a week, and makeup brushes according to the following:
– foundation brushes, minimum of once a week
– brushes for finishing powders and bronzers, once a week
– blush brushes, once a week
– eyeshadow brushes, every 2-3 days
– eyeliner brushes, after every use
You can use mild shampoo or hand soap to clean all your brushes, but always keep the bristles facing down so that the water doesn’t end up in the main section or handle of the brush.Wet the bristles with room temperature, or slightly warm water and add soap. Gently clean the bristles and run under running water until the water is clean. Pat dry with paper towel before leaving to dry.Always let the brushes dry lying on their side, once again to prevent water from getting into the brush handle causing the glue to loosen over time. Don’t use the brushes until they are completely dry, and if you can afford it, have 2 sets so you always have one at hand!

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  • Elena
    October 3, 2020

    That wasn’t that obvious for me, frankly speakin’. Thanks for the tip.

  • Daniela
    October 4, 2020

    Yeah, that was helpful. Thanks!