Expert tips for the royal family on coping with 2 under 2!

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With the second royal baby on its way for Prince William and his wife Kate, parenting experts share their most valuable tips for the Royal couple and if you are about to become a family of four.

1. Keep the introductions short and sweet:
Jo Tantum, baby sleep expert and author of Baby Secrets, says: “I would advise the parents to keep introductions to the new born short and simple. Still give lots of attention to the older sibling and guide them to be kind and gentle with the new baby. Start to entertain them with other things later, otherwise you might find yourself starting to get angry if he/she tries to poke the new baby’s eyes and face if they start to get curious which is normal”.

2. Create one to one time with the older sibling:
Jo Tantum says: “One of the important points is to not forget about your eldest and still make an effort to have one-to-one time, be fully committed and engaged with the older sibling. So, when the new baby is sleeping, dedicate play time to your elder child; that way they won’t feel the need to start seeking attention which can provoke the child to start screaming and crying.”

3. Feeding Routine:

Zainab Jagot Ahmed, expert and author of Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies, Toddlers and the Family says: “Start getting organized! Cooking meals in advance and putting them in the freezer before the baby is due will help with taking of the pressure of dealing with meals in the first few weeks with your new born. Try to keep your elder child’s eating habits even though there have been major changes in the family process, so trying to keep the same schedule and routine will be easier for him/her.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:
Sarah Beeson MBE, baby expert and author of The New Arrival and Happy Baby, Happy Family, says: “Having two babies at two different ages is very tiring. It’s most likely going to be triple the work so you have to be prepared. Your physical and mental health will most likely be strained so it’s time to be realistic about the support you’re going to need; this will not just benefit your children but your own needs as well. Asking for extra help either from your friends, family or hiring a nanny can take the pressure off and make life a lot easier.”

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