Excess Sugar Makes You Dumb

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Recent studies find that excess sugar can affect your brain causing memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Too many sodas, donuts, pop tarts or whatever sugary mix you are eating, could be destroying your mind’s thinking capacity.

Studies were performed on mice and humans. Sugar fed mice gained 17% more fat and their brains showed evidence of Alzheimer’s disease more than the control mice.

The “Sugar Mice” performed worst on test and had twice the amount of plaque deposits.

There seem to be a link to diabetes as well. Although its not completely understood. But it seems that common sense says its sugar and insulin.

A Swedish study reports that humans with borderline dibetes have 70% increase risk of developing dementia.

Tight control of blood sugar may reduce Alzheimer’s risk.

The aging process seem to results from toxic reaction of free radicals. So eat your fresh produce and cut back on processed foods.

You combat free radicals with antioxidants. So give yourself a fighting chance.

So you see that its important to control your blood sugar levels. Have a check up and stop over dosing on sugar.

Many sugar substitutes are just as bad as sugar.

We do need some sugars but these are easily attain by eating a healthy diet.

Studies have shown that rising blood sugar levels target the part of the brain that concerns memory.

Now you have another reason to live healthy. To save your sanity.

BTW exercise lowers blood sugar levels. So get moving!


  1. Great alternative of all times is of course black dark chocolate. I use it instead 😉

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