Clever Ways Of Getting Your Kids To Eat Fruit & Veg

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  • Take them to the shops with you and let them help you choose the fruit and veg…..and then let them help you cut and peel the fruit and veg.
  • Try to mix veg with their favorite food……let them build there own pizza as long as they add one new veg
  • Cut fruit and veg into fun shapes and give them names
  • Never force them to eat certain veg as this may put them off for life! There will always be foods they will like, and those they won’t – the same as you!
  • Introduce a new veggie on the same plate as one that your kid already likes
  • Don’t give up on trying to introduce certain veg, as child’s taste changes as they get older (just because they didn’t like broccoli at 2yrs of age doesn’t mean they won’t love it at 4yrs!)
  • Make ice lollies out of fruit and veg:carrot and orange, strawberry and yoghurt
  • If your child has a friend who eats lots of fruit and veg, invite them over for lunch/dinner……kids are easily influenced by peer pressure!
  • Roast the veg to give them the same “soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside” texture as french fries…and maybe add some cheese
  • Add a dip to make the veg more appealing
  • Take veggies with you as a snack for the kids and make it the only allowed choice as a pre-dinner snack
  • Sneak veggies into baked goods eg carrot muffins with sweet potato
  • You obviously know what this means….you have to set a good example and eat lots of fruit and veggies yourself!

    Good Luck is all that’s left to say!

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