Career 101 : Working From Home

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Here go some tips for working from home.

Luckily with my past and present PR jobs, and because of the invention of Go To My PC, the possibility of occasionally working from home is possible. This could be due to a natural disaster (east coast blizzards aren’t always convenient) or a contagious sickness. But just because you’re working from home, doesn’t mean you lay in bed all day, working on your laptop while simultaneously watch old Sex and the City re-runs.

Check out some of my tips below on how to successfully work from home:

  • Shower and get dressed (yup, out of your pajamas) – but no need for the business casual wear.
  • Avoid your bed, no matter how comfortable it looks. Sit at a table or desk.
  • Create a schedule for the day and stick by it.
  • Reply to e-mails so that your co-workers know that you’re online and working.
  • Don’t get distracted by the TV or cell phone.
  • Take your normal lunch and/or coffee break.
  • Send a report at the end of the day to your co-workers to let them know your signing off.

Remember that working from home is called “working from home” for a reason – it’s not a vacation day!

What do you do to prepare yourself for a work day at home? Do you think you are more productive at home or in the office?


  1. I do much like you actually think of it as a job, most day..lol. A few days i find my self stuck in my pjs because i have to catch up on emails and i started doing that before I showered or my morning routines. I find I work better at home because I can pick my hours, instead of my hours being chosen for me..

  2. Using email with co-workers is from a past century LOL
    Better to use moder project management tools like Trello, Slack, Asana ets.

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