Can Aerobic Exercise even Improve Mental Health

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With the adverse impacts of stress already beginning to dominate each sphere of our lives in the last few decades or so, it could not be long before the diseases started to set in. It is known to all how work and related social and physiological aspects have spun the web of physical anomaly around us. It needs assertion here that we have also been caught in meshes of psychological disorders due to this ever-expanding stress element.

Anxiety has been known to emanate as a by product of stress. Anxiety is normal in every human being, often as a warning bell; but only till the point that it can be ratiocinated. Over the threshold value it begins to creep into the fabric of our peace and slowly overpowers us. A vast multitude of people are suffering from moderate to heavy depression across the globe. This may manifest itself in any possible way but surely hits hard on the psychological comfort of all breeds of people.

Aerobic exercises have been an undaunting panacea in taking care of such disorders and conditions. It has been statistically demonstrated how aerobics has been able to palliate both these worries in a successful style of its own. Let’s take up anxiety patterns first: Increasing graph of anxiety results in the release of certain chemicals in the brain which induces our brain and average metabolism to go on a rollercoaster ride. This causes palpitation, sweating of palm and many other panic syndromes. Aerobic exercises helps in the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which pacifies the general metabolism; thus inhibiting the grounds for panic formation.

Exercises further heat the body; it is a well-known thing that exercises help us in creating heat inside the body, heightening metabolism for good. This is akin to a sauna and the body feels a lot more relaxed and the muscles feel less tightened. The nervous tautness diminishes, leaving us on a less precarious nervous footing. Exercise also digresses people from the core issues of lives which create stress. It can hardly be argued that while undergoing such regimens which breaks sweat and require so much of effort, all our energy gets concentrated on one point; leaving us with no time to ponder over other issues.

Even depression has been known to get better with Aerobic exercises. It is often difficult for such patients to motivate themselves to start exercising but once they are perked up enough, it has been proved beyond bounds, how there esteem gets a high and their inner confidence builds. In many such patients who have had their BDI( measure to check the extent of depression ) score checked prior to and after a disciplined aerobic effort, it has been found out that an aerobic exercise has really been helpful in mitigating their trauma.

Thus we can grasp through some ratiocination how brain is given a positive boost through these aerobics and also how it facilitates a chain reaction by soothing our senses and making us mentally healthier.

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