Back Pain! When Should You Worry?

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At least 4 out of 5 people get back pain, but most of the time it’s not serious, and it’s simply wear and tear, or just strain! If however you are under 20 or over 55, you should go and get it checked out more seriously! Back pain at the level of your chest is also a worry, as is back pain associated with someone who’s had cancer, chemotherapy, taken steroids over long periods of time, have problems with your bladder of bowels at the same time as the back pin, have numbness in your legs or feet, or pain in your buttocks and anus, or weight loss!

In the past, doctors would recommend bed rest, on a hard bed, but this is exactly opposite to what is prescribed these days. You need to stay as active as possible, and try to increase you amount of exercise daily. You know what you can handle. Sleep in a bed and a position you find comfortable, and start off using pain killers to help you get around. Avoid lifting heavy objects, and always go back to your GP if the pain isn’t going away. Physiotherapists are a great idea, as long as it’s with your GP’s permission, and swimming is also a great way of keeping fit, and staying moving without putting strain on the body!

There are also cases where females can feel severe lower abdominal and back pain as a result of problems with the female organs, such as endometriosis. The pain is usually worse just before and after periods. Any such discomfort needs to be checked out by your GP or gynae!

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