6 Ways To Boost Your Career During Maternity Leave

Handling your work/life balance was never an easy task and getting ready for coming back to work could be tricky but we are here for you to make everything simpler and more efficient.

1. Create a buzz before making the work comeback
Show your eagerness to work again to those who care about the business. One way to show this is by requesting a meeting with someone from the senior level to talk about the vital information you knew before taking the vacation and why you are looking forward to working with them again.

2. Giving birth made you stronger than ever
Point out to your manager and team how being a mother actually made you a better person and employee. Mentioning simple new things could be easy and highly effective like how having a baby increased your concentration span. Another thing you could do is mentioning how staying in home for a long time made you realize how important your career is.

3. Stay connected

It will be difficult to suddenly go back to work after staying disconnected with your team for a long time so we advise you to use social media to stay connected to your work friends.

4. Casual working visits
Visiting work while you are pregnant isn’t the easiest thing but trust me, you’ll need to do it. You don’t have to visit a lot but at least every now and then so they might know you still want to see them.

5. Working from home
If you choose to help your team from home, there are few simple tasks that must be done. First, make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. Then, have your mobile on and fully charged. Finally, have an organized place where you can keep all your work related stuff together.

6. Negotiate for your demands
Remember that coming to work after a long maternity leave isn’t always smooth. You might want to talk with your manager about changing the working hours so that it fits your needs. Do all the previous steps and they will appreciate you and approve all your demands.

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  • Betty
    July 17, 2020

    Personally I’ve felt a huge explosion of power and fearlessness after giving births (and couple months more, of course). It’s a real chance for the personal and career growth.